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Criminalization is big business. Tech companies are building the tools used to surveil, incarcerate, and deport our communities…

…But our communities, together with students, tech workers, and allies, are fighting back. Help us build a movement for a surveillance-free future.


Tech companies are currently enabling ICE raids despite the national public health crisis. Tell tech execs to stop working for ICE immediately.

No Legal Tech For ICE

Over 1,000 individuals and organizations have signed on to tell Reuters & RELX to drop their ICE contracts

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The War Against Immigrants: How tech companies are arming ICE and CBP with the military-grade tools to commit atrocities against immigrants

Who's Behind ICE

The report that launched a movement. Learn about the tech & data companies fueling deportations.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement is continuing deportations and raids throughout the country during the coronavirus pandemic, despite lockdowns in multiple cities and official mandates for people to avoid interaction.

ICE agents are arresting people and detaining them in unsanitary and enclosed detention centers where it will be almost impossible to avoid infection.

Tech companies are currently enabling these raids despite the national public health crisis, providing the infrastructure ICE agents use to find targets, conduct raids, and make arrests.

We’re calling on every tech company that works with ICE to immediately halt its support for the agency at this time. The hundreds of contractors on which ICE relies can still put a halt to its operations.

Silicon Valley can take a stand. Stop working for ICE immediately.

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We need a movement that outpaces these technologies and fights like hell to take back our humanity.

Marisa Franco, Mijente

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Learn about the tech and data companies that are powering the detention and deportation machine.

Organize Your Campus

Join a movement of students shutting down ICE’s tech talent pipeline.

Fight for Digital Sanctuary

Check our guides and resources to support local organizing against surveillance and policing.


The #NoTechForICE campaign is growing and needs your support. Together let's coordinate our actions to stop ICE.

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