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Students vs ICE

We need to kick ICE off campus.

ICE and its allies in Silicon Valley are recruiting on colleges across the country — join us to stop them.

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More than 3,000 students at more than 35 campuses have signed the pledge not to work at Palantir while it works for ICE. Join them by finding your campus below, or start a pledge at your school.




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The #NoTechforICE campaign targets Palantir, Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, and other tech companies that have contracts with ICE and CBP.

Mijente has been working with students across the United States and the United Kingdom to cut these companies’ ties to different colleges, where they recruit heavily to grow.


We’ve had dozens of wins over the past months:

June 2018

September 2018

Mijente brings a cage to Burning Man to remind tech workers that as they revel in the desert, migrants suffered a thousand miles away due to tech they built.

September 2018

Protesters parade a giant cage through Dreamforce, Salesforce’s large annual conference in downtown San Francisco, to protest the software giant’s contract with Customs and Border Protection.

October 2018

Mijente releases “Who’s Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations” to bring attention to the hidden network of tech companies upholding Trump’s anti-immigrant crackdown.

October 2018

Dozens of people protest outside Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle on Halloween, wearing Jeff Bezos masks to protest the company’s attempt to work with ICE on facial recognition.

May 2019

Dozens of tech workers flood Palantir’s GitHub repository with messages urging the company to stop working with ICE.

May 2019

Dozens of people protest outside Palantir’s headquarters in Palo Alto, New York City, and Washington D.C. urging the company to drop its ICE contract.

June 2019

Hundreds of academics sign a letter protesting Palantir’s work for ICE and their sponsorship of the Privacy Law Scholars Conference at U.C. Berkeley, which then drops Palantir as a sponsor.

August 2019

Mijente releases “The War Against Immigrants: Trump’s Tech Tools Powered by Palantir” focusing on Palantir’s role in immigration enforcement in the Trump administration and its extensive financial ties to administration officials.

August 2019

Both Lesbians Who Tech and, three days later, the Grace Hopper Conference both drop Palantir as a sponsor after concerns that their technology was helping to violate human rights.

August 2019

The Coalition to Close the Camps: Bay Area leads a series of direct action protests outside Palantir’s headquarters in Palo Alto, bringing hundreds of people to the streets with banners and an art installation resembling a cage. These protests also targeted Palantir’s CEO, Alex Karp, outside his house.

September 2019

Dozens of student organizers collect more than 3,000 signatures across 36 campuses from students pledging not to work at Palantir while it works with ICE.

October 2019

Mijente reveals Palantir was used in the Mississippi ICE raids in August that arrested some 600 people, the largest immigration raid to ever hit a single state.

October 2019

More than 1,000 musicians sign a “No Music for ICE” letter targeting Amazon for its work upholding ICE’s digital infrastructure.

November 2019

More than 1,200 lawyers, academics, law students, and other legal professionals sign an open letter protesting the Thomson Reuters and RELX contract with ICE.

November 2019

Workers with the Tech Workers Coalition bring a giant cage outside GitHub’s annual conference in San Francisco after the company doubles down on its support for its ICE contract. More than 150 GitHub workers sign a letter protesting the contract and several resign in protest

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The #NoTechForICE campaign is growing and needs your support. Together let's coordinate our actions to stop ICE.

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