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It’s undeniable that strides in digital technology have revolutionized the world around us. As a society, we can do nearly everything on our cell phones and with the click of a button. Yet more and more, we are seeing these technologies invade our privacy and extract our data, often without our consent. The net effect has been an ever-expanding state of surveillance.

We’re sounding the alarm because they’re already taking prisoners. Literally.

For years, Mijente has organized against migrant prosecutions and deportations, and we’ve seen technology aid the acceleration of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations. Tech companies like Palantir create the target list and the digital tools for ICE to raid homes, workplaces, and communities.

However, the use of technology and the willing participation of companies like Amazon Web Services, Palantir, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many others, isn’t limited to feeding the detention and deportation machinery but also to policing and military operations, endangering the safety and security of communities already vulnerable to criminalization, from the Bronx to Compton to the southern border.

The next frontier of law enforcement is here. Left unchecked, we will be facing down a new world order designed and controlled by big tech and enabled by government.

Mijente has uncovered ample evidence of wildly lucrative contracts, invasive technologies at the local, federal, and international levels, and a revolving door of tech executives and government officials driving and making profits off of human rights abuses and widespread trauma and suffering.

Our campaign against unscrupulous technology companies and their digital arsenals seeks to disrupt this cozy alliance in several ways, including exposing tech’s outsized role in criminal justice justice and immigration enforcement, educating communities about how to protect themselves against new forms of criminalization, taking direct action to confront corporate actors, organizing with tech workers and students to leverage their influence over Silicon Valley, and targeting specific companies with demands to end their collaborations. 

It’s going to take a multiplicity of strategies and building a powerful movement that centers frontline communities to clear the path for a surveillance-free future. Join the fight today. 


The #NoTechForICE campaign is growing and needs your support. Together let's coordinate our actions to stop ICE.

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